The unique setting of Immenhof covers a diverse landscape ranging from open plains to thorn bush savannah, along dry river beds winding through solid granite outcrops.

This provides for a multitude of activities one can attend to pass the day.

Farm Tours

Farm Tours start in the mornings after breakfast or in the afternoon and can be linked to a sundowner at one of our many wonderful natural settings, mostly on top of big granite monoliths. The farm tours are aimed at giving the visitor an impression of the farm’s history, flora and fauna, and the different landscapes of the surrounding area.

Ancient rock paintings dating back an estimated 1500 years give an idea of the cultures that initially inhabited this area, thought to be one of the many hunter-gatherer tribes which dominated southern Africa in the past.

The singing rocks are of archaeological importance to Namibia since only three of such sites have been discovered in Namibia. They too give an excellent idea of hunter-gatherer life in this area.

Rock engravings on granite are scarce in this part of the country and provide a good enlisting of animal species that were found in this area in the early days.

A wide variety of game species are encountered from the majestic eland to the little Damara dik-dik. The central region of Namibia boasts a wide variety of bird species, many of which are spotted on Immenhof.

Please remember to take along adequate protection against the sun (hat and sun screen at all times!) Drinks are available throughout the drives.

Horse Riding

Horse Riding is a relaxing experience as our guides take you on a scenic ride through the surroundings with ample game viewing opportunity.

No riding experience is required – ask any one of us to get you started.

Nature Walks

Nature walks are arranged in the mornings or late afternoons. These walks are very informative as your guide will take time to explain a lot of details on our vegetation and animal life, often with game and a lot of birds to be seen, as mornings are usually the time for everyone to be out and about!


Birding is a rewarding experience since central Namibia is home to a multitude of bird species. Several locations exist within the vicinity of the main house that offer good bird viewing opportunities as well as game viewing possibilities.